Sunday, January 23, 2011


'- we may expect quite a lot of noise
- probably, they were going to play some polish records
- that shouldn't be too bad'
('Not too bad' song)

"For the last two years they've been digging in the crates, trying to build the most exciting collection of samples from Polish Jazz records. Now they are slowly unleashing the music created from these sounds. They ressurected dusty&smokey spirit of polish jazz of 60s and 70s, and reimagined it for 21st century audiophiles." (from Ninja Tune site)

Polish jazz has always been excellent and special. And these guys are really talented, with sense of humor. They went much father in blending the styles, so the music is vary. I do like some phrases they mix, too. I guess, I even have my favorite qoutes.

'Very pleasant. I'm enjoying myself'
('Newly arrived from Poland' song)

Beautiful videos as well

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